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ComCept .Net Maintenance Windows

ComCept Solutions is committed to providing your business with the best management tools in the industry. We believe the ongoing development and maintenance of ComCept .Net is a vital component of your success.
In order to perform enhancements and routine maintenance on ComCept .Net, we must occasionally take the system offline. Many duties are performed during these maintenance times, such as database backups, hardware upgrades, code releases and security updates. We do this as part of your service contract with ComCept, to keep your management system well-tuned.
We wish to set your expectations for the time windows in which the various updates will occur. Some maintenance will be performed regularly, and some maintenance will occur only from time to time. The system is not guaranteed to be inaccessible during these times, we only wish to communicate that these time windows are occasionally necessary. Please consider the following schedule:


Day Time Advanced Warning
Monday - Friday 11:00 PM - 6:00 AM Yes *
Saturday - Monday 8:00 PM Sat - 6:00 AM Monday No
* If down time is expected to be <10 minutes NO advanced warning will be provided.

Note: If your business has a unique scheduling challenge that requires you to have access to ComCept .Net during one of these maintenance windows, please contact support beforehand. There may be a way for all of us to work around one another’s schedules.


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